Strong Dog Leashes | Why Tensile Strength Matters

Looking for a Strong Dog Leash?

Part 1: Consider Tensile Strength

Tensile Strength: The maximum amount of tensile or pulling force that a material can withstand before tearing or failing.

For durable and strong dog leashes, or leashes for large dogs that pull: Tensile Strength is the amount of "pull" the material can withstand.

Remember math class? Newton's 2nd Law of Motion?

Force = Mass x Acceleration

Force is not just your dog's weight, but the pulling force or the accelerated force that your dog exerts on a leash, harness, or collar.

This force can be many times your dogs weight, and when selecting a leash for a large dog, that can be quite a lot!

closeup of webbing that has been chewed by a dog, reducing the effective tensile strength to less than half of the original strength.

Not only that, chewing by the dog, abrasion from regular wear & tear, or mis-use of the product can result in reduced tensile strength and lead to product failure.


collage of the material types that I use to make dog leashes, and their respective tensile strengths.
Examples of the Tensile Strength of the webbing and other materials currently used for my heavy duty dog leashes and hands free waist belts.
See the Product Component Strength Information for other webbing widths.


What is BioThane®? This is the brand name of all coated webbing products made by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp. It is a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating, made in the USA.
The Tensile Strength in BioThane® comes from the webbing, not the coating, and may not be as strong as a similarly sized nylon webbing product.
Examples of Biothane being damaged by a dog chewing in comparison to being ripped apart by testing equipment.
I'm not currently offering Biothane® products,
but it's in testing right now, and I hope to be adding it soon!

Buyer Beware: Not all coated webbing products are BioThane®!


Biothane webbing tensile strength can be reduced by manufacturing methods that punch holes in the webbing.

We will cover this in a future article, but be aware that the manufacturing methods for BioThane® can impact the tensile strength of the finished product!

Stay tuned for Part 2: Hardware


Part 3: Manufacturing Methods

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