What to Expect from your Gear

Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you!

image shows the difference between biothane that has been chewed as well as ripped apart by testing machinery, showing the difference in appearance.


Please regularly inspect your leashes and other products for dirt and clean when necessary. A Care Card is included with each purchase. Prior to your purchase, you can read more about Care and Cleaning Instructions

Dirt and sand accumulation on webbing and paracord products is abrasive and can weaken the fibers in the product, shortening their lifespan. Dirt and sand accumulation in buckles can also impact their ability to snap closed completely.

Webbing and Paracord products can be damaged by chewing or abrasion. Wear and tear is normal on leash material and hardware from daily use, but damage from chewing can more quickly reduce the strength of your products and is not covered under warranty. Please monitor your dog to ensure their continued safety.

Please limit the amount of dragging that you allow on the adjustable hiking lines. Points of abrasion are common at the first ring and can shorten the usable lifespan of your leash. Drag lines are designed with hardware only at each end and are designed to be used as such.

Waterproof belt bags and dog treat pouches are made from a fabric coated with a waterproof inner layer. Hand washing is the gentlest method of cleaning, whereas the agitation of machine washing can potentially shorten the lifespan of this waterproof coating.

We understand that you want to get years of use out of your pet gear, and we understand the reality of having an Exceptional Dog who regularly tests products to the limit is that breakage and failure is not an acceptable risk. To keep everyone safe, please:

  • Supervise your dog while using the equipment and do not let them chew on the materials.
  • Ensure that you are ordering the proper size or weight of equipment for your dog's size, see the Product Information at the bottom of each product page for specific dog weight guidelines, in addition to the Product Component Strength Information. If unsure, please reach out prior to ordering for our guidance.
  • Regularly clean your gear to limit abrasion caused by dirt accumulation
  • Frequently inspect your equipment for chewing, abrasions, and worn-out metal components.
German shepherd dog pulling and chewing on red handheld leash, image has a red "ban" sign overlay.
No Chewing!