Exceptional Equipment for Exceptional Dogs

Helping Shy, Fearful, Anxious and Reactive Dogs Live their Best Lives!

Equipment Recommendations for Dogs that are:

Meet my Exceptional Dog

Rowan is an Exceptional Dog!

  • Reactive (only to some dogs)
  • Strong Predatory Drive


I understand what having an Exceptional Dog is like,

and I make equipment just for you!

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Happy Dog Guardians

And their Exceptional Dogs!

"[The leash] holds up to a lot of pulling from my 62 lb leash reactive dog. I feel much more secure walking him now. The belt is heavy duty and well-made. It feels very secure with my leash reactive dog and has helped our training by freeing up my hands and taking away the tension I held in the leash."

Amy, 04/05/2023

"Love it! Gives me a great peace of mind that my dog is safer now on our walks." [leash backup strap]

Amber, 03/29/2023

"Words cannot describe how happy I was to find a leash belt that is truly plus size inclusive. This belt has been amazing - I clip my treat bag to it and can train hands free, and the ability to hike hands free is also amazing. Cannot thank this seller enough."

Calablas, 06/17/2023

Image of a black and brown Pomeranian next to an unfinished soft pastel sketch of the dog

Featuring....... your Exceptional Dogs