Product Repair & Hardware Replacement

My Dog Chewed It! $5 Chew Repair

The following products may be repaired at the discretion of the seller:
  • Paracord leashes, adjustable hiking lines and drag lines
  • Webbing leashes (excluding traffic leashes)


Image of 3 steps to repair a chewed paracord leash

$5 Hardware Replacement

Beyond the 1 year guarantee, the following products may have worn hardware replaced for $5. 
  • Paracord Products - end clips only
  • Webbing Products - all hardware components
  • Harnesses & Collars - contact us to discuss

***Buyer must fill out the form below and wait for confirmation from the seller prior to shipping the product. Seller will review the repair request and may request photos or additional information to determine if the product can indeed be repaired and if/how the repair might affect the use of the product. Buyer is responsible for shipping to the seller for repair - shipping must provide a valid tracking number. Seller will make the necessary repair within 14 calendar days of receiving the product and return the product to the buyer.