What is an Exceptional Dog

I help Exceptional Dogs 

Live their best lives!


What is an Exceptional Dog?

One who is an “exception” to the rules
One who may be reactive, shy, fearful, or anxious.
Or all of the above!
Rowan, an apricot colored mixed breed dog, looking back at the photographer while hiking in the snow on an adjustable long line.
"Prey drive, who, me?"


I understand what it’s like to have an Exceptional Dog

I get it! I know what it’s like to try and focus on multiple things at once so that you can keep your reactive dog under threshold, or be on the lookout for scary things that can send your fearful dog running. 


I understand the need for products that are designed with functions and features that you need, and I also understand what it’s like to be afraid of the “what if’s”

  • What if I drop the leash or have it pulled out of my hands?
  • What if my equipment breaks or comes unclipped?
  • What if they slip out of their harness or collar?
  • What if they chew on the leash?

How do I help Exceptional Dogs?

I do this by helping you, their guardians.

  • My equipment is made-to-order for your unique needs
  • The manufacturing methods and materials I use are strong and durable
  • I offer hardware options that won’t accidentally come unattached
  • I've designed some of the most adaptable leashes for dogs that pull
  • I also offer accessories such as dog treat pouches and poop bag holders, designed to work with the hands free leash belts
  • I stand behind my products because I use them every day


 I provide Peace of Mind

I design exceptional equipment 

so that your dog can be active,

and you can train safely,

so that you both can enjoy living life to the fullest

Safe + Secure + Reliable

Worry Less = Live More