Frequently Asked Questions

I do!

I make most items only once you place your order, but I do keep a few of the more time-consuming items like treat pouches in stock for faster shipping.

Currently I make everything on my website by myself, with the exception of the Tshirts. Those I've designed and have a print-on-demand provider do the physical printing and shipping.

I source my materials and hardware from a variety of US wholesale companies, who in turn source their products from foreign and domestic production partners.

My hands-free leash system allows you to walk your dog without the risk of dropping the leash or having the leash pulled out of your hands. With our cross body strap or waist belt, you can keep your hands free while still maintaining control over your dog. It’s perfect for reactive dog owners who are trying to avoid triggers while also delivering treats.

Both systems work with my clip-on leashes, so choose the one that is most appropriate for your dogs behavior.

The cross body strap is great for dogs that like to walk or run at heel or range slightly ahead, and who do not pull or lunge.

The waist belt provides the greatest flexibility: comfortable and strong for dogs that pull and lunge, the ability to use with multiple dogs, and the easiest to carry treat pouches & poop bag dispensers along with you.

Every product page has a Product Information section at the bottom that can help you in determining the correct selections to make based on your dogs weight.

If you are still in need of guidance, there is a Contact Me button right there!

Our hands free leash belt is designed to give you greater control and eliminate the worry of dropping the leash or having it pulled out of your hands.

Select your clip-on leash in your preferred length and with hardware sized for your dog that won't break or accidentally come unclipped.

Add a backup strap to ensure your dog can't slip out of their harness.

Remember to use positive reinforcement training (and some great treats!) for best results.


Just look under Products > Small Dogs Gear.

Small dogs and their guardians deserve equipment that is just as flexible and high quality as the big pups, but in lighter weight versions that won't weigh them down.

Absolutely! Our hands-free leash system is designed to be versatile, you can easily swap out your leashes based on that day's activity.

I have also designed the adjustable long line specifically for hiking - it's a design that I've used and refined over many years on the trails in Colorado.

  • I can do minor customization on most of my existing leash products, please reach out with questions prior to ordering.
  • If you do not see a product in my shop and are interested in something completely custom, please fill out the custom product inquiry with as much detail as possible and I will let you know what I can do for you.
  • At this time, personalization is only available on bandana products and dog vests.
  • Buyer is responsible for entering the name correctly in the personalization field. Returns/refunds/exchanges are not available for names entered incorrectly.
  • Hardware selection will affect the exact finished length of the leashes (+/- 1").
  • Braided Paracord Leashes, Hiking and Long Lines do have some initial stretch. I make them as close to the stated lengths as possible, but you can expect them to get slightly longer as they are used. If you need an exact finished measurement please reach out to discuss prior to ordering.
  • Webbing Leashes are measured "clip end-to-clip end" or "clip end-to-leash end" unless stated otherwise. I do my best to get as close to the stated length as possible but err on the side of longer rather than shorter.
  • Leash Couplers are measured "clip to center of the O-Ring"

I currently sell exclusively online and offer the full product line through this website.

I started on Etsy in 2019 and still have a handful of products there under the shop name Green Mountain Mutts.

Please see the Pet Professional Program and application if you are interested in purchasing in bulk or wholesale.

Please consider joining my Affiliate Program, where your earned commission can be donated to a charity of your choice on a quarterly basis.

There are 3 ways to get a discount on your purchase:

  1. Sign up for my email newsletter and receive a discount on your first purchase - see the bottom of this page to subscribe!
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  3. See if you qualify for the Pet Professionals Program for bulk and wholesale pricing.

I've used more affordable equipment myself, and also had that equipment fail on me - risking the safety of my own dog or the other dogs in my care.

The last thing I want to have happen to anyone is that their pet runs off, gets injured or injures someone or something else due to equipment failure.

When I started my business I made a commitment to quality. I make (and test) all of the equipment myself, and I work with other product testers to ensure the product durability and strength.

I'll never skimp on quality hardware, materials, or construction methods just to save a buck. When you look at the price over years of use, it amounts to only pennies per day to keep you and your pup safe and secure.