medium weight hands free leash belt in black on a mannequin with an attached hands free leash
Medium weight hands free leash belt held in the hand of an adult to show the scale of the belt hardware.
Medium weight hands free leash belt in black webbing, shown on a mannequin with an attached serape patterned leash and a blue treat pouch with poop bag dispenser.
Adjustable hands free leash belts are available in four adjustable sizes, including 20 inches to 32 inches, 30 inches to 52 inches, 40 inches to 72 inches, and 50 inches to 92 inches.
Closeup of the black webbing medium weight hands free leash belt showing the black plastic buckle, the light weight D ring fixed next to the buckle, and the two light weight floating d rings. The belt also includes a triglide slide and keeper for easy adjustability.
The medium weight hands free leash belt is available in black webbing within the standard lead time, see the top announcement on the website for current lead time. Additional colors are available with a 1 to 2 week lead time: blue, red, gray, purple, teal, neon green, or neon orange.

Medium Weight Hands Free Leash Belt


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  • Dogs up to 100lbs
  • 4 Adjustable Sizes
  • Comfortable 1-1/2" Webbing


This Medium Weight Hands-Free Belt is part of the hands-free leash system for walking, running, hiking and training with your medium to large dog. It also comfortably holds all of the treat pouch and poo bag dispensers you need for your training session.

This Belt is ideal for anyone with a medium size dog, or a larger dog who doesn't pull. It can also be a hands-free option for someone with multiple smaller dogs. It works great for training and does double-duty as an accessories belt. Any of my clip-on leashes can be connected to the fixed D-Ring to free up your hands for treat delivery, answering your phone, or taking pictures of your pooches!

This adjustable medium weight belt is constructed out of 1 1/2" wide heavy duty weather resistant nylon webbing, a plastic quick-release buckle, and all metal hardware. This belt includes one fixed D-Ring for your leash and two floating D-Rings for holding any clip-on accessories you need, or connecting a second leash for multiple dogs.

Available made to order right away in Black, 7 webbing colors are special order and will take 1-2 weeks lead time.

Please measure carefully and check your desired size, especially if you will be wearing the belt on your hips vs waist or wearing it over a heavier winter coat. 

Product Information

Select your Waist Belt type based on your dogs heaviest expected weight, or the combined weight if you have multiple dogs.

Lightweight Belt: up to 40lbs

Medium Weight Belt: up to 100lbs

Heavy Duty Belt: up to 166lbs

Product Component Strength Information

All belts and cross-body straps are made to order in our Colorado workshop, sewn securely using bonded nylon thread on an industrial walking foot sewing machine.

Materials and hardware are purchased from domestic suppliers, which may be sourced from foreign or domestic manufacturers.

Belts with plastic buckles may be hand washed, or machine wash in a knotted pillow case, delicate cycle, cold. Hang to dry.

Belts with an aluminum buckle should only be hand washed to prevent scuffing of the metal buckle.

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