Pet Professional Program

Our Pet Professional Program is designed for dog trainers and facility owners who would like to:

  • Collaborate with me on custom products 
  • Provide an equipment package for their clients to purchase through this shop
  • Purchase my products for re-sale
  • Purchase in bulk for use by their staff


If these aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, our Affiliates Program is perfect for dog owners, dog walkers & sitters, animal shelter staff and volunteers, and trainers who would like to refer their clients to me for their equipment needs. 


I advocate for force free, positive reinforcement based training methodologies. I do not condone the use of punishment or the use of aversive training tools and methods, including the use of choke, prong, or e-collars. I reserve the right to restrict or revoke access to our Pet Professional and Affiliates Programs at any time, for any reason, including a misalignment of training methodologies. 

Line of humans and their dogs while working with a dog trainer.


Application: please Copy & Paste the following text into the Message field below to fill out all information

  • Pet Professional Program
  • Full Name
  • US Mailing Address
  • Business Name
  • Business Description
  • Business Website
  • Social Media Links, minimum of 2
  • Please write a short paragraph to tell me about your business and let me know how we can best help you


Note: this information is used exclusively for the Pet Professional Program and will not be sold or shared.

You will receive an e-mail with detailed information about our Pet Professional Program within 14 calendar days.