Best Equipment for Shy, Fearful, or Anxious Dogs


Help keep your dog Safe and Secure!

Our most popular items:

Belt & Suspenders


Why take the chance of your pup panicking, slipping out of their collar or harness, and running off?


It happens, even to the best of us!


Sometimes called the "belt and suspenders" approach, you can give yourself some peace of mind by using a secure 2-point connection system that includes a regular connection to a collar or harness, plus a backup system that can be a double-ended leash or a backup strap connected between the leash and collar, or between a harness and collar. Reliable backup systems can help prevent accidental escapes and keep your dog safe.


I offer a variety of options so that you can select the ones that will work best for you and your canine companion.

Harness Add-On

Currently looking for product testers with small and medium size dogs, please apply if you are interested!

Product Testers

10' Leash

Give your dog just a bit of extra space to explore safely, great for working with extra shy dogs or training recall.

10' Leashes
Standard backup straps are shown in a flat lay, highlighting the two different styles and two different hardware options.

Medium Duty Backup Strap

Clip between harness & collar for pups that can slip out of their harness.

Medium Dogs
Heavy duty backup straps are shown in a flat lay, available in two hardware styles and multiple webbing colors.

HD Backup Strap

Heavy Duty security backup for the largest of dogs - available in two styles of clips

Big Dogs


One of my favorite resources for guardians of Shy & Fearful Dogs is the XO Dog Community.

Check out their website for free resources, and the Facebook group for more support.

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Black and brown dog mannequin with a neon yellow bandana that has text saying I need space.

Vest or Bandana

Keep scary dogs & people at a distance by stating "No Dogs" or that "I Need Space".

Vests + Bandanas
High visibility neon yellow training t shirt with the text we need space in large lettering on the front of the shirt.

Training T Shirt

Make sure your message is seen from far away with large text on both sides.