Handheld leashes with traffic handle shown in the safety message webbing, including in training in blue with a swivel snap bolt and the ignore me please in yellow with a carabiner.
Three options for customizing your traffic handle location, the 12 inch traffic handle loop ends at 12 inches as measured from the clip, the 24 inch handle similarly measures the end of the loop at 24 inches from the clip.
This graphic illustrates the three choices of location for the traffic handle. The options are with the loops ending at 12 inches, 24 inches, or 36 inches from the clip end of the leash.
All five safety messages are shown here laid flat, including ignore me please on yellow, do not pet on orange, in training on blue, no dogs on red, or we need space on yellow.
The sublimated polyester webbing is shown with the printed message on both sides of the webbing.
Your choice of hardware is shown in the palm of an adult had for scale, select from an auto locking carabiner, a gooseneck clip, or a snap bolt.
The six foot leash in blue with in training message is shown here with the traffic loop at the 12 inch location and a snap bolt hardware selection. The loop handle has a fixed d ring next to the handle as standard on these leashes.
Shown is the six foot leash with ignore me please in yellow, an auto locking carabiner hardware selection, and the traffic loop at the 24 inch location.

Safety Message Handheld Leashes


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Dog Weight Guidelines can be found below under Product Information

  • 5 Safety Messages
  • 3 Hardware Options
  • Choose your Traffic Handle Location

Choose your leash length - here you can find the 6 foot and 8 foot leashes with your choice of location for your traffic handle - but we have shorter safety message leashes available too!

The loop handle ensures a secure and comfortable grip during walks or training sessions. The added D-ring on the handle allows for convenient attachment of accessories, such as a  waste bag holder. The custom traffic handle location ensures you can keep your dog of any size comfortably close.

Choose from 3 hardware options. This safety message leash comes with your choice of a swivel snap bolt, gooseneck clip, or auto-locking carabiner. The gooseneck and carabiner options are designed to be extra secure, they can’t accidentally come detached during your training session.

Crafted from sublimated polyester webbing with your choice of safety message printed on both sides.

Product Information

1" Webbing products are suitable for all medium to large dogs.

Please select the appropriate hardware for your dogs weight

  • Snap Bolt: Dogs under 100lbs
  • Gooseneck: Dogs up to 231lbs
  • Auto-Locking Carabiner: Dogs up to 290lbs

Product Component Strength Information

I design and make all of the webbing leash products, sewn securely with industrial strength bonded nylon thread on an industrial sewing machine.

Leashes are Handmade to Order in my Colorado workshop out of materials and hardware from domestic suppliers, which may be sourced from foreign or domestic manufacturers.

Webbing products can be hand washed in cool water with a gentle detergent (no bleach) and hung to dry.

You may also machine wash webbing products - tie these into a pillow case to prevent tangling and to cushion the product hardware.

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Pawsitive Training ABQ
Client Loves her new leash

As a professional dog trainer, I always seek products to help my clients. This leash caught my eye. It has a simplistic design with so many added features. The wording is clear and easy to read. The extra traffic handle I added keeps the dog closer to you when necessary. Best of all, the locking carabiner ensures your dog isn't disconnecting from you. I received a photo from my client yesterday, and she loves it. Her dog is smiling and appears quite happy with his new equipment.

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