Braided Drag Line
Braided Drag Line
color samples of paracord braid shown for scale in the palm of a hand. Colors shown here are red blend, orange blend, blue blend, or gray blend
color samples of paracord braid shown for scale in the palm of a hand. Colors shown here are neon yellow and rainbow, purple and rainbow, neon orange and black, or neon green and black.
Braided Drag Line

Braided Drag Line

Hand Braided to Order

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Dog Weight Guidelines can be found below under Product Information

  • 15 Feet of Range
  • Locking Hardware
  • Easy to Grip Braid


Enhance your dog training with my Braided Paracord Drag Leash. The 15-foot line allows for easy handling and tangle-free use while providing safety and control during recall training. Strong enough for all sizes of dogs!

The leash features an auto-locking carabiner for security, whether for off-leash training or hands-free connection to a waist belt. Built from durable, weather-resistant paracord, it guarantees reliability during your outdoor adventures.

15 feet of drag line is the most versatile length to work with for initial training sessions, and an easy length to handle without getting tangled. Connect two long lines together when you want to give your dog even more freedom to explore safely.

This leash is NOT to be used as a tie-out, it is not chew-resistant in any way! Please do not leave your dog unsupervised or unattended while using this leash.

Product Information

Long Line and Drag Line Paracord Products

  • Light Weight products are for dogs under 50lbs
  • Standard Weight products are for ANY size dog

Product Component Strength Information


Please only use a harness with this drag line. Collars add an additional risk of injury to a dog's neck when jerked up short reaching the end of the line or if the line catches on something while the dog is active.


Never place fingers through a ring as a means of control, this can result in a serious injury! You may consider using a clip-on leash handle to provide comfort when using as a handheld leash.

All paracord products are braided by hand in our Colorado workshop.

All paracord products have been pre-washed to shrink the cord prior to braiding your product.

Paracord products can be hand washed, or machine washed tied into a pillow case to limit tangling. Wash on cold, gentle cycle with a mild detergent (no bleach) and hang to dry.

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