Best Equipment for Puppies

Looking for equipment for growing puppies? These are ideal for pups that will be medium to large breed. 

Check out the Small Dog product line for puppies that will remain small.

Adaptable equipment for growing large breed puppies.

See "Small Dogs" for lighter weight versions of this equipment.

Handheld Traffic Leash

Two layers of webbing provide handles along the entire leash length.

Traffic Leash
Hands free traffic leash shown in a flat lay with swivel snap bolts on each end. Wide webbing is in black while narrow webbing is in red.

Hands Free Traffic Leash

The leash for pairing with a Waist Belt for growing large-breed pups.

Traffic Leash

Standard Drag Line

A strong and sturdy option for off-leash training and sniffy walks.

Drag Line

Light Weight Drag Line

A lighter weight version of our drag line - sturdy enough for your pup!

Drag Line
Standard backup straps are shown in a flat lay, highlighting the two different styles and two different hardware options.

Backup Strap

Add a safety backup for a puppy that's still growing into their harness.

Backup Strap

Treat Pouch

Need a treat pouch that holds everything and will last you for years?

Treat Pouches

Long Line

Want an adjustable leash that you can use now and for years to come?

Long Line