Best Equipment for Dogs over 100lbs

It's all about the Hardware!

I've experienced equipment failure before - and knowing how it feels I'm making hardware recommendations for products that are rated, that I've tested myself, and that I trust to keep my own dog and my clients dogs safe. 

I've selected Hardware to stand up to the test!

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Auto-Locking Carabiner

Available on multiple products. WLL 290lbs

Paracord Hardware

Heavy Duty Snap Bolt WLL 115lbs

Paracord Leashes
heavy duty hands free leash belt in black on a mannequin with an attached hands free leash

Heavy Duty Waist Belt

Buckle Break Strength over 500lbs

HD Waist Belt
Heavy duty backup straps are shown in a flat lay, available in two hardware styles and multiple webbing colors.

HD Backup Straps

Snap Bolt: 100lbs WLL

Gooseneck: 231lbs WLL

HD Backup Straps

Braided Paracord Leashes

4 Strands, each have 550lbs of Tensile Strength

Paracord Leashes