Best Equipment for Large Dogs

Tired of hearing jokes about "who's walking who?" Ignore them and check out some of the best equipment for large dogs instead.

Are you looking to go hands free with a heavy duty leash for a large dog? Three lengths as well as adjustable length options offer lots of flexibility and strength.

large apricot colored dog in an orange harness running towards the camera.


Don't forget a heavy duty waist belt to clip that leash to - you won't find one stronger than this one! 

Or do you prefer a handheld leash for a large dog that offers a comfortable, padded design, with multiple handles?

For Dogs over 100 lbs: It's all about the Hardware!

I've experienced equipment failure before - and knowing how it feels I want you to trust that these products are strong and durable enough for your pup!

I've made hardware recommendations based on your dogs weight for all leash products in my shop - but please contact me if you need help deciding?

I only use weight rated materials, hardware that I've tested myself, and construction methods that I trust to keep my own dog and my clients dogs safe. That's why I stand behind my products as some of the best equipment for large dogs.

I'm especially a fan of the auto-locking carabiners with a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 290lbs!


I've selected Hardware to stand up to the test!

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Auto-Locking Carabiner

Available on multiple products. WLL 290lbs

Paracord Hardware

Heavy Duty Snap Bolt WLL 115lbs

Paracord Leashes
heavy duty hands free leash belt in black on a mannequin with an attached hands free leash

Heavy Duty Waist Belt

Buckle Break Strength over 500lbs

HD Waist Belt
Heavy duty backup straps are shown in a flat lay, available in two hardware styles and multiple webbing colors.

HD Backup Straps

Snap Bolt: 100lbs WLL

Gooseneck: 231lbs WLL

HD Backup Straps

Paracord Leashes

4 Strands, each have 550lbs of Tensile Strength

Paracord Leashes
Neon adjustable length hands free leashes for medium to large dogs, shown in four neon colors and assorted colors in a flat, swirl lay.

Adjustable Leashes

3 hardware options & 3 lengths

Hands Free
All five safety messages are shown here laid flat, including ignore me please on yellow, do not pet on orange, in training on blue, no dogs on red, or we need space on yellow.


More Styles Coming Soon!

Until then -

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