Five different paracord leashes in the two color options of neon yellow and rainbow, purple and rainbow, neon green and black, neon orange and black, and neon pink and black. Leashes are in a swirled flat lay, showing loop handles at each end and two styles of hardware.
Photo of a dog walking at the end of a purple and rainbow paracord leash that also shows the hardware clipped to a leash belt at the human end.
Neon orange and black braided paracord leash in a flat lay, showing loop handles at each end with a auto locking carabiner at one end and a swivel snap bolt at the other end.
Apricot colored dog in a harness, showing the purple leash clipped onto the back connection point of the harness and the dog walkers hand is holding the loop at the dog end of the leash.
A closeup of the loop end of the braided paracord leash with a standard weight swivel snap bolt.
An apricot colored dog sitting in the background while the dog walker holds up the end of the leash connected to the waist belt for a close up photograph.
color samples of paracord braid shown for scale in the palm of a hand. Colors shown here are neon yellow and rainbow, purple and rainbow, neon orange and black, or neon green and black.
Hardware for paracord leashes is shown in the palm of an adult hand for scale. Hardware options for the dog end of the leash are an auto-locking carabiner suitable for dogs of any weight, a heavy duty snap bolt suitable for dogs over 75 pounds, or a standard snap bolt for dogs under 75 pounds. The human end of the leash will be an appropriate sized standard or heavy duty snap bolt.

Hands Free Paracord Leash - Two Colors

Hand Braided to Order

$30.00 USD - $40.00 USD /
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Dog Weight Guidelines can be found below under Product Information

  • Heavy-duty design
  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Traffic handles
  • No-Fail hardware options


Enjoy your walks with our Heavy-Duty Hands Free Paracord Dog Leash in a fun double color option. Perfect for walking, hiking, or training your medium to large pup. Built to last and provide stability and control. 

One leash, three configurations: hands-free mode when clipped to a hands free belt or cross body strap, a traditional hand-held setup w/ the loop handles on each end, or convert to a no-pull configuration with an added leash handle for superior control.

Our double-handle dog leash features your choice of hardware options for the “dog end” of the leash: swivel snap bolt or an auto-locking carabiner for a failure free connection. The “human end” will be a swivel snap bolt for easy unclipping when needed. Hardware will be upgraded to a heavy duty snap bolt for dogs over 75lbs.

Product Information

Select your hardware based on your dog's weight

Light Weight

  • Small Snap Bolt: up to 25lbs
  • Auto-Locking Carabiner: up to 290lbs

Standard Weight

  • Standard Snap Bolt: up to 75lbs
  • Heavy Duty Snap Bolt: up to 115lbs
  • Auto-Locking Carabiner: up to 290lbs

Product Component Strength Information

All paracord products are braided by hand in our Colorado workshop.

All paracord products have been pre-washed to shrink the cord prior to braiding your product.

Paracord products can be hand washed, or machine washed tied into a pillow case to limit tangling. Wash on cold, gentle cycle with a mild detergent (no bleach) and hang to dry.

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