Classic tie dye cross body strap shown on mannequin with clip on leash.
Woman sitting next to her dog on the stairs with a cross body strap and matching leash.
Cross body hands free leash straps are available in a dog on right configuration or a dog on left configuration.
Cross body hands free leash straps are available in a dog on right configuration or a dog on left configuration. The configuration is shown with the connection point facing towards the front of the person wearing the strap.
There are two hardware options available for the cross body strap for hands free leashes, the standard is a D ring that is for a double ended leash to clip to.
The second hardware configuration is with an auto locking carabiner that a standard loop handle leash can connect to.
This listing for cross body hands free leash straps is for the patterned polyester webbing, including a sky mandala, a serape with reflective stitching, or a classic tie dye with reflective stitiching.
There are two sizes of cross body straps, the small loop adjusts from 30 inches to 55 inches, while the large adjusts from 40 inches to 75 inches. This is the loop length only and excludes the distance the hardware hangs below the loop.

Patterned Cross Body Strap for Hands Free Leash


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See Product Information below for additional guidance on using a Cross Body Strap

  • Fun Patterns
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Hands-free Design
  • 2 Hardware Options


This adjustable cross body dog leash is the ultimate hands free solution, and now available in some fabulous patterns! An over the shoulder strap with clip-on leash system is perfect for walking, running, and training. 

Whether you’re training your dog to walk at heel or simply want to free up your hands for other activities, this hands free dog leash is your secure solution

What type of leash do you need today? Short leash for training at heel - bungee leash for running - longer leash for a leisure walk in the neighborhood? This system with the D-ring hardware allows you to easily switch out your leashes based on your activity needs and enjoy a more convenient and comfortable dog walking experience.

Dog Walkers can customize this system to be used with any loop handle leash by selecting the swivel locking carabiner hardware option. Now you have your hands free and dog secure while you pick up pet waste or take photos for your pet parents.

Product Information

Cross Body Straps are not designed for dogs that pull or lunge - please consider a Waist Belt for those exuberant pups!

Cross Body Straps are best used when your dog walks at heel continuously on the same side, or walks in front of you.

Cross Body Straps can also be used from a seated position, but are not to be used for pulling while seated in a wheelchair.

Product Component Strength Information

I design and make all of the webbing leash products, sewn securely with industrial strength bonded nylon thread on an industrial sewing machine.

Leashes are Handmade to Order in my Colorado workshop out of materials and hardware from domestic suppliers, which may be sourced from foreign or domestic manufacturers.

Webbing products can be hand washed in cool water with a gentle detergent (no bleach) and hung to dry.

You may also machine wash webbing products - tie these into a pillow case to prevent tangling and to cushion the product hardware.

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