Best Equipment for Reactive Dogs

What's the worst thing that can happen with your reactive dog?

A Lot - Unfortunately!

Don't take the risk of your equipment breaking or your dog slipping out of their harness or collar and going after another dog or other animal - keep your dog and others safe with equipment sized for their weight and designed specifically for them!

Keep your Reactive Dog under control

Designed for Medium - Large - Extra Large Dogs

No pull adjustable leash in blue shown in flat lay with leash handle attached to floating d ring. Hardware selection is swivel snap bolts.

No-Pull Leash

Turn any harness with front and back connection points into a no-pull harness.

No-Pull Leash

Handheld Leash

Strong leashes with rated locking leash clips can reduce the risk of hardware failure.


Adjustable Long Line

Available in 10' and 15' lengths.

Using a longer leash can reduce tension on the leash and give your pup more room to explore.

Adjustable Long Lines

Heavy Duty Waist Belt

Most commercially available hands-free leash belts aren't up the amount of power a large dog can generate - this buckle has a break strength of over 500lbs!

HD Waist Belt
Standard backup straps are shown in a flat lay, highlighting the two different styles and two different hardware options.

Medium Duty Backup Strap

Backup your system and reduce the risk of accidental breakage or escape with a leash backup strap.

Backup Straps
Heavy duty backup straps are shown in a flat lay, available in two hardware styles and multiple webbing colors.

Heavy Duty Backup Strap

Designed for the biggest pups! Ensure your pup won't become an "escape artist" by breaking or slipping out of their gear.

Backup Straps
Heavy duty double backup strap shown in a neon green.

Double Backup Strap

An alternative to a backup strap, much better than trying to use two leashes on your dog! Adjustable & Strong.

Double Backup
Black and brown dog mannequin with a red bandana that has text saying no dogs.

Vest or Bandana

Let your dog "speak" for themselves with a vest or bandana that communicates "No Dogs" or "I Need Space".

Vest or Bandana
Red training t shirt with the text no dogs in large lettering on the front of the shirt.

Training T Shirt

Ensure your message can be read from a distance with extra large text. Multiple messages available.



I do not make muzzles, but I do recommend them for reactive dogs! Check out The Muzzle Up Project for resources.

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If you're looking for a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist & published book author, I highly recommend Patricia McConnell, Ph.D

Check out her book "Feisty Fido" and her seminar available on DVD about Treating Dog-Dog Reactivity.

Her article about Reactive Dogs:

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This is another wonderful website for both trainers and dog guardians, by World-Renowned Aggression Expert Michael Shikashio, CDBC

Check out the articles, podcast, free webinars, and more!

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