Extra small leash backup straps are shown in a flat lay, highlighting multiple colors, lengths, and clip configurations.
Extra small safety straps are shown in the 5 inch length in the palm of an adult hand for scale.
The clip loop style of safety clip is shown with the loop attached to the front ring of a dog harness while the clip is attached to the dogs collar.
The clip clip style of safety strap is shown clipped to the dogs collar and the clip on the leash when the leash is clipped to the back of the dogs harness
The clip clip style is shown next to the clip loop style. You will loose approximately 1 inch in length when the loop is connected to a ring on a dogs collar or harness.
The extra small backup straps are available in the following colors: black, blue, red, gray, purple, neon orange, neon yellow, or neon pink. Because this webbing is sourced from a different manufacturer, the colors will not be an exact match for the other webbing colors available for leashes.
three sizes of backup straps are available in this shop.

Backup Straps - Extra Small

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Dog Weight Guidelines can be found below in Product Information

  • For Dogs Under 10lbs
  • 2 Strap Styles


Designed specifically for the extra small dogs!

These leash backup clips are a lighter weight version of our reliable collar to harness safety straps, ensuring that your tiniest pups are safe too. 


Two Styles to Choose From:

  • Clip-Loop is recommended if you are planning on leaving the safety strap connected to the front of your dogs harness. This style is recommended if your dog loves to "spin" because it allows the leash to swivel.
  • Clip-Clip is easier to connect between the leash and the dog's collar, but does impact the ability for the leash clip to swivel.


Don't let your adventurous pup catch you off guard. Invest in our Collar to Harness Safety Strap today and ensure that every walk is a safe and worry-free experience. Say goodbye to the great escape and hello to peace of mind!

Color Disclaimer: This webbing is sourced from a different manufacturer and are not exact matches for the other webbing products. Photos or free samples can be provided upon request. 

Product Information

Extra Small Dogs

3/8" Webbing products are suitable Only for dogs under 10lbs.

Please refer to the Medium Weight products for any dog over 10lbs.

Handmade in our Colorado workshop out of heavy duty nylon webbing in multiple fun colors, we sew products securely with industrial strength bonded nylon thread.

Materials and hardware are purchased from domestic suppliers, which may be sourced from foreign or domestic manufacturers.

Nylon webbing can be hand washed in cool water with a gentle detergent (no bleach) and hung to dry.

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as described, good quality, and arrived qu...

as described, good quality, and arrived quickly!

So glad to finally find a safety strap for...

So glad to finally find a safety strap for my tiny dog! Lightweight and very secure

Good quality, lightweight, perfect fit for...

Good quality, lightweight, perfect fit for my little escape artist

Very happy with this product.

Very happy with this product.

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This review has no content.

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