Best Training Leashes & Accessories

Feel like you need 3 hands to train your dog?

Going Hands Free with your training can help!

Never worry again about dropping the leash while you're trying to juggle treats & poop bags and watch for your dogs triggers at the same time. Make your training sessions less frustrating for both you and your dog!

Special Purpose Training Leashes

Designed for Medium - Large dogs, check out the Small Dogs category for lighter weight designs for dogs under 40lbs

Adjustable length hands free leashes for medium to large dogs shown here in six colors and various hardware options in a flat, swirl lay.

Hands Free Leashes

Go Hands Free with one of the waist belts, or use as a double-ended leash.

HF Leashes
heavy duty hands free leash belt in serape patterned webbing on a mannequin with an attached hands free leash

Hands Free Leash Belts

Reduce the stress on your hands from constant pulling with a leash belt.

Leash Belts
Hands free traffic leash shown in a flat lay with swivel snap bolts on each end. Wide webbing is in black while narrow webbing is in red.

Hands Free Training Leash

Made with 2 layers of webbing so you can grab a handle anywhere.

Training Leash
Medium weight hands free leash belt in black webbing, shown on a mannequin with an attached serape patterned leash and a blue treat pouch with poop bag dispenser.

Treat Pouches & Belt Bags

A variety of pouches suitable for quick training sessions or all-day activities.

Treat Pouches

Handheld Training Leash

The same versatile design in a hand-held version.

Training Leash

10' Leash

Work on your dogs recall or go on a fun sniffy walk with a longer handheld leash.

10' Leash

Long Line

Adjustable long line in 10' and 15' is the most adaptable leash in the shop!

Long Line

Drag Line

Great for recall training! Drag the leash or connect a leash handle for easy control.

Drag Line