Bungee leash add-on's are shown in a flat lay with a twelve inch segment in blue and a 24 inch segment in black.
Bungee leash add ons have the following stretch lengths. The 12 inch add on stretches from 12 inches to 16 inches, while the 24 inch add on stretches from 24 inches to 34 inches. Hardware selection may result in a small difference in these lengths.
A 12 inch bungee leash add on is shown in neon orange, with a swivel snap bolt at the dog end, a black leash is connected to the heavy duty o ring at the opposite end.
closeup of bungee leash add on hardware including a swivel snap bolt and a three quarters inch heavy duty welded o ring.
Bungee leash add ons are available in six colors, including black, blue, red, purple, neon orange, or neon yellow.
three options are available for the dog end of the leash, the auto locking carabiner, gooseneck clip and swivel snap bolt are shown for scale in the palm of an adult hand.

Small Dog Bungee Leash Add-On

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See Product Information below for Dog Weight Guidelines

  • Two Lengths
  • Lightweight and Durable


Need "just a little bit of stretch" instead of a full bungee leash? I've got you covered! These bungee leash add-ons can be clipped onto to your regular leash for just that little bit of shock absorption that you and your pup need to make your activities less frustrating and more relaxing!

Handmade out of the same durable webbing and shock cord that our light weight bungee leashes are constructed out of, these add-ons provide greater control with less overall stretch length.


Product Information

Bungee products are suitable for dogs up to 40lbs

Product Component Strength Information

Handmade in our Colorado workshop out of heavy duty 1" nylon webbing in multiple fun colors, we sew products securely with industrial strength bonded nylon thread.

Materials and hardware are purchased from domestic suppliers, which may be sourced from foreign or domestic manufacturers.

Nylon webbing can be hand washed in cool water with a gentle detergent (no bleach) and hung to dry.

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