The no pull leash is shown here with the safety message no dogs on red webbing with the snap bolt handle connected to the floating d ring of this fixed length leash.
adult female walking across a bridge in the sunlight with an 85 pound mixed breed dog wearing an orange harness, utilizing the no pull leash in blue.
All five safety messages are shown here laid flat, including ignore me please on yellow, do not pet on orange, in training on blue, no dogs on red, or we need space on yellow.
The no pull leash is shown with the d ring handle converting the leash to a standard handheld leash.
The sublimated webbing is shown here with the printed messages on both sides of the webbing.
A closeup of the do not pet message in black on orange webbing is showing the text on both sides of the sublimated webbing.
Two hardware options are available for the adjustable no pull leashes, choose from a standard swivel snap bolt or an auto locking carabiner for both ends of the leash, the clip on handle will be a swivel snap bolt.
Choose from standard webbing handles or neoprene padded webbing leash handles. Black handles will be provided.

Safety Message No-Pull Leashes


$40.00 USD - $57.00 USD /
Subscription -

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Dog Weight Guidelines can be found below under Product Information

  • 5 Safety Messages
  • Standard or Padded Handles
  • Convert to Standard Leash
  • 2 Hardware Options

Reactive dogs can be challenging to control, which is why I like using a No Pull Dog Leash to add a bit more control. Go a step further and select one of these message leashes to get your point across to strangers or other dog owners that "We Need Space" or that you are "In Training" with your pup.

Clips onto almost any harness with both a front and a back connection point, or clip into both harness and collar for a dog that is at risk of escaping their harness.

With its Floating D-Ring and separate Clip-on Handles, you can keep it as a no-pull leash that has a snap bolt handle, or use the D-ring handle to convert the leash to a standard, handheld one when you dog is ready.

Select your preferred hardware option for both ends of this adjustable leash, either a standard swivel snap bolt or an auto-locking carabiner. Then choose from a standard webbing handle or one that is padded with neoprene.

Leash handles provided in Black unless you contact me prior to ordering to request a different color. Please be aware that the sublimated webbing colors do not match the other webbing colors in my shop.

Product Information

1" Webbing products are suitable for all medium to large dogs.

Please select the appropriate hardware for your dogs weight

  • Snap Bolt: Dogs under 100lbs
  • Auto-Locking Carabiner: Dogs up to 290lbs

Clip-on Handle will be Standard Snap Bolt when that hardware is selected and Thick Barrel Snap Bolt when the Auto-Locking Carabiner is selected.

Product Component Strength Information

I design and make all of the webbing leash products, sewn securely with industrial strength bonded nylon thread on an industrial sewing machine.

Leashes are Handmade to Order in my Colorado workshop out of materials and hardware from domestic suppliers, which may be sourced from foreign or domestic manufacturers.

Webbing products can be hand washed in cool water with a gentle detergent (no bleach) and hung to dry.

You may also machine wash webbing products - tie these into a pillow case to prevent tangling and to cushion the product hardware.

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