Exceptional Dog #2: Zoe

This cute senior gal gets mistaken for a puppy all the time!


She's a little bit dog reactive due to not having much socialization with other dogs when she was younger, but her guardians are working on it! 


Photograph of a fluffy black dog with some white on her muzzle, wearing an orange harness and looking at the photographer in hopes of getting a treat.
Yes, this good girl did get some treats for posing nicely!
A photograph of Zoe, a fluffy black dog with a graying muzzle, sitting on an easel next to the beginnings of a soft pastel portrait.
A good start!
I do a base layer with soft pastel sticks and then add additional layers with soft pastel pencils.
The same photograph of a black, fluffy dog on an art easel next to a soft pastel portrait that shows about half of the dog image mostly complete and the remainder of the art paper remaining black.
Coming along nicely...tongues are always challenging for me!
Almost finished soft pastel portrait of Zoe next to the reference photograph, just in need of a few finishing details like wiskers.
Almost finished!
I tend to work the last corrections and final details over a few days since I need to wait until I have good daylight to work in.
Finished soft pastel portrait of Zoe, a black fluffy dog with a graying face.
I'm pretty happy with how she turned out! 

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