Training treat pouch with waste bag dispensers shown in royal blue with the zip front pocket on a hands free leash belt.
Extra large treat bag in navy blue with a zip front pocket shown with an adult female handing an apricot colored mixed breed dog treats from the training pouch.
Nine colors of waterproof nylon canvas are available to choose from in this training treat pouch with waste bag dispensers. The colors are black, royal blue, navy blue, red, gray, silver, teal, purple, or a multicolored prism pattern.
The teal treat pouch with a zip front picket is shown with the ripstop nylon lining turned out for easy cleaning. This treat pouch holds over three cups of treats.
Choose from a zip pocket or an open pocket for the front pocket design of this extra large treat bag. Pockets can be used for high value treats, for your mobile phone, or to carry other dog training accessories.
Each side of this extra large dog treat bag is a pocket that holds a roll of dog poop bags and dispenses them out through a metal grommet. You can also use these pockets to hold recycled grocery bags if desired.
This training bag is designed to be worn on a hands free leash belt, but you may also purchase an optional accessory belt or a shoulder strap if you prefer one of those options. The accessory belt feeds through the two belt loops at the back of the treat pouch, while the shoulder strap clips onto two d rings on these belt loops.
The Multi colored prism pattern in a zip pocket option is shown being worn on an accessories belt.
The teal treat pouch with an open pocket option is shown being worn on the accessory shoulder strap in a cross body configuration.
If you prefer to wear your treat pouch dropped below the waist belt, we offer drop clips that allow the treat bag to be worn closer to the thigh instead of the waist.

Training Treat Pouch with Waste Bag Dispensers

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Don't forget your Accessory Belt or Shoulder Strap!

  • Waterproof Nylon Canvas
  • Large Pouch Capacity
  • Holds 2 Rolls Waste Bags
  • Zip Pocket or Open Pocket


How many treats do you really need to carry for your longer training sessions? Ensure you never run out of treats with this extra large Nylon Canvas Training Treat Pouch.

This treat pouch is made out of sturdy waterproof nylon canvas and provides an extra large interior space for 3+cups of dog treats. The rip-stop lining turns inside-out to easily clean out unused treats, and cinches closed with pull cords on each side.

Bonus of two side dispensers that each hold a poo bag roll, or stuff one with grocery bags if you prefer for your poo pick-up sessions.

Choose from an Open Pocket or a Zip Pocket, both are lined with rip-stop lining.

This treat bag is designed to be worn on one of the hands-free leash belts, or you can purchase an optional accessories belt or shoulder strap.

Product Information

Handmade in our Colorado workshop out of heavy duty waterproof nylon canvas, our bags are sewn on an industrial machine with heavy bonded nylon thread and available in multiple fun colors.

The ripstop nylon lining is easy to turn out and clean in between training sessions.

For best results and longer lifespan of the waterproofing, please only spot clean the exterior with a damp cloth or hand-wash without soaking. The inner lining can be turned out and spot cleaned or hand washed.

While this can be machine washed on cold and laid flat to dry, the agitation of a washing machine will reduce the lifespan of the waterproof coating of the outer fabric.

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