Equipment that We Use

This is the piece of equipment that started it all...

My Heavy Duty Waist Belt!

closeup of a heavy duty dog leash waist belt, treat pouch, and clip on leas
This waist belt is what my entire product line started with:
1 1/2" Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing with a tensile strength of 5,500 pounds
Aluminum side release buckle with a break strength of over 500 pounds
Heavy welded nickel plated D-rings
Nickel plated triglide and keeper
    I used to use a leash belt that I purchased online, figuring it was sufficient for my boy. Until it wasn't...
    coyote looking down the trail at the photographer
    As we were leaving the neighborhood trail access my boy turns around and sees a coyote behind us - takes off running - and breaks open the buckle on this inexpensive waist belt...
    Thankfully he didn't actually catch the coyote - mainly because this big male coyote had encountered dogs before, and right behind him is a deep ravine that he was able to disappear into.
    Rowan eventually came running back, dragging the leash, belt, and what was left of the treat pouch and poo roll dispenser - also dragging a line of unrolled poop bags too.
    I swore "never again" and went home to research a belt system that wouldn't come apart, regardless of how big the dog was.
    Image of the human end of the dog leash connected to the heavy duty hands free wait belt, with dog sitting in the background

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