Finding Joy in every Walk

I've had hundreds of frustrating walks over the years! 

reactive dogs
off-leash dogs running up to us
skittish dogs who want to bolt when they're startled
dogs tugging & chewing on the leash
or on my pants legs & sleeves (looking at you Louie!)
leashes coming unclipped when the dog rolls in the grass
you name it - I've probably had it happen!


Even now after years of training, many of my walks can be challenging with all of Rowan's "critter chasing" tendencies, his "big feelings" about specific reactive dogs, and his anxiety walking past the house of the dog that attacked him this spring. (yes, he's given the opportunity to go a different direction instead!)

I didn't realize how I actually felt about my daily dog walks until I walked my neighbors dog when the family got Covid this summer.

Zoe was a dream walker!

By walking her I was finally able to see the Joy in a simple and easy dog walk...

 Black fluffy dog in an orange harness

What I do find has made a huge difference over the years with reducing the frustration in almost any dog walk is using my waist belt and leash system to help me maintain control, reduce the stress on my hands, and ensure that I can't accidentally drop the leash for any reason. This allows me to concentrate on other things in the area and avoid things that may cause a bit more "drama" than I'm up for.

Maybe my system can help you find more Joy in your walks too?

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