Rowan's Comic Mishap...

apricot colored dog sniffing in a footprint covered field of snow

This boy right here is so "chase" crazy that he has literally thrown himself into a ravine to chase a rabbit running on the other side - like all four feet actually left the ground before he landed in the bushes.

Picture it  like when the Coyote cartoon runs off a cliff and keeps trying to run mid-air!

Thankfully my husband had him on his waist belt that day, otherwise if I had him I probably would have gone head-first into the bushes right after him...

That's the one downside to using a waist belted leash - if you don't have good footing due to snow or gravel, or if you are on a hill, the chances of you getting pulled down are higher.

I get pulled over once or maybe twice a year now, I've learned my dogs "chase brain" behaviors and can better prepare for them.

But could I hold onto him any better just using my hands & arms? I've been pulled over by dogs on a regular leash as well - my shoulder will attest to how that can cause an injury too! Personally I feel overall safer and less stressed with my 85lb critter chaser on a hands free leash belt!


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