Rowan's Journey - Interrupted by an Off-Leash Dog

I wanted this to be a different type of post - I wanted to share some of the great progress that Rowan has made...

Instead, I get to share Rowan as “Exhibit A” in what can happen during encounters between two reactive dogs. 

apricot colored dog sitting on the couch and looking at the photographer with a sad expression on his face, dried blood on his cheek after a loose dog attack.

 yes, that's blood...


This is what can happen when a reactive dog isn’t properly leashed. 

This is what can happen when that dog runs a half-block and attacks your dog - showing that the dog is not only reactive, but an aggressive dog that is willing to hurt another dog.

I guess "technically" the other dog was leashed - she was harnessed to a sled and pulling some kids down the snowy street in front of her house. But when the kids stepped off the sled there was no physical control of the dog.


I feel guilty that the other dog came out of the fight with worse injuries than my dog, even though they were about even in size & weight. After receiving multiple bites to the face, Rowan bit and held onto the other dog.

This didn't have to happen

- why should both dogs pay the price for their failure to leash their dog?


Hug your pup tonight!

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