Singing the Low Battery Chirp Blues...

Your regularly scheduled blog post has been interrupted by this Public Service Announcement: 

Please Change your Smoke Detector Batteries!

Rowan is terrified of the low battery 'chirp' of a smoke detector, so we switched ours over to a 10 year battery model a while ago to avoid a shaking and panicking puppy.

Unfortunately our neighbors were out of town when theirs started 4am Sunday morning - and continued to chirp... which then changed to beeping... and continued until TUESDAY...

Where he was previously able to flee outside to avoid the chirping, that didn't work this time - the noise was much louder outside! Now my poor pup is afraid to go out into the back yard where he could hear the noise - even though it's no longer chirping or beeping.

We had to sleep in the basement guest bedroom since he could hear it in the main bedroom, and my poor boy was torn between staying with us or going somewhere he couldn't hear the chirping.

Why do they always start chirping in the middle of the night anyway!

rant over...



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