Accessories can help you create positive associations

Dogs, rabbits, cats, squirrels, kids on bicycles, strange bird noises, and more...

what do they all have in common?


Dog Treats


I never leave home without dog treats...

They are just too important to keeping my dog focused, to rewarding him for desired behavior, and frankly, they're just plain fun!

It's taken us LOTS of training to change his mindset from

Bunny = Chase
Bunny = Treat


and as a guardian to a pup with a huge prey drive - the results are so rewarding!


One of the biggest advantages to a hands free leash system like the one I've designed for daily use is having a treat pouch & poop bag dispenser right there and ready to use for all of our walks. It takes a minute or two to gear up and off we go on that days adventures. 

And for the instances where we run into something more "dramatic" like a fox, coyote, deer, elk, bobcat, or his "arch-nemesis" (the dog who attacked him...) having a large handful of treats easily accessible can mean the difference between some mild antics and a whole lot of drama!

I also rely on a separate belt bag to carry dog waste, to "leave no trace" on the trails and be a good neighbor. 

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