What my dog walking clients taught me

Words of Wisdom from some of my dog walking clients and foster dogs!


Sisco & Ellie: The best pet sitting visits always end with a session of fetch in the yard!

Newman: Let your sister finish peeing before you sniff!

Rosie: It’s hard to put my harness on, even though I know that good girls get treats when they do.

young red pit bull named Tommy is stating that "Pitties are the snuggliest pups"


Jimmy: Octopus toys are the best for tug.

Ellie: I love to show off my favorite stuffy with pride and a prance!


Marvin, a black lab-pit mixed dog prefers tuna cat treats to peanut butter dog treats


Zoe: Hot dogs are amazing! (why doesn’t mom use them for walkies?)

Jake: I don’t like storms! (hurricane rescue pup - can’t blame him!)


Marvin, a senior black and white dog, is advising you to "never miss an opportunity to eat a street bagel."

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