Why choose a Hands Free Leash?

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A hands free leash offers a wide range of benefits that can help you and your dog get the best out of your training sessions, your daily walks, adventurous hikes, and more!

Choose between a waist belt or a cross body leash based on you and your dogs needs.

Safety and Control:

Hands free leashes provide better control over your dog, minimizing the risk of having the leash pulled out of your hands. This increased control is especially beneficial when training in busy or distracting environments where a reactive dog may start lunging, or an anxious dog may have their “flight” response engage. Ensure your dog can’t escape their harness by adding a leash backup strap as an extra safety measure.

Easy Treat Delivery:

Using treats as positive reinforcement during dog training is easier with a hands free leash. A belt mounted dog treat pouch can hold a large quantity of treats for a longer training session or if you need to “jackpot” treats to avoid your dog’s response to a trigger.

Move Easier and with Less Leash Tension:

With a hands free leash, you have the freedom to move more naturally, whether you're jogging, hiking, or practicing obedience in the park. A hands free training leash reduces the “juggling” that can happen with a standard leash, allowing you to move more freely, keeping tension off of the leash while still keeping your pup safe.

Frees your Hands:

Whether you're holding a clicker, treats, or a training toy, a hands-free leash allows you to multitask seamlessly. This makes it easier to incorporate various training tools and techniques into your dog training sessions. Also “handy” for those casual walks while you sip your coffee, or take some action photos of your pup to share.

Ideal for Tethering:

Bringing that new puppy home and want to get a great start on potty training? A light weight hands free leash can be a great tool for both you and your new dog to get your schedules synced. The best puppy leash is a convertible + adjustable ones so you can easily adapt as your pup earns more freedom.

Save your Hands, Arms, Shoulders, and more:

A heavy duty hands free leash belt is the best leash for dogs who pull or lunge. Distributing the pulling force over a larger area with a lower center of gravity provides a good “anchor” while you train loose leash walking or work on your dog’s reactivity. Highly recommended for dog walkers who walk multiple energetic dogs every day - instead of using a dog leash for two dogs, clip both leashes into the same waist belt.

Adaptable for Various Activities:

Hands free leash belts with separate double ended leashes are adaptable to different activities such as walking, running, or hiking with your dog, making them suitable for pet guardians with active lifestyles. Just select the leash designed for that day’s activities, check that your dog treat pouch and poop bag dispenser is full and off you go!

Comfortable in All Conditions:

Don’t risk a wet, slippery leash getting pulled out of your hands! Traditional leashes can become dirty and uncomfortable to hold if they get wet or dirty, dragged through the ice or mud, peed on (and who knows what else…). Keep your hands warm and enjoy your wintertime walks.

Great for Dogs (and People) of All Sizes:

Whether you have a small dog, medium or large dog, hands-free leashes are adjustable and versatile, catering to the needs of dogs of all sizes and breeds. I also make my leash belts and cross body strap system in sizes to fit all bodies!

Adaptive Leash Needs:

Cross body leashes are a great hands free system for working dogs or service dogs in training, as well as anyone with limited hand dexterity, or those whose hands easily fatigue holding a standard leash. These can also be used in a seated position or from a wheelchair in select circumstances.


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