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Here are a few of the 5 Star Reviews that I've received...

"We especially like how the stitching is very well done. We have large dogs and need a product that will hold up to a large breed." - Beth, 08/17/2023

"Love these [adjustable long lines]. I can easily hook them to whatever length I want or let my dog use the entire length. Really helpful and this is my 3rd one! Still have and use the other two. (If I need a longer leash I connect them together.) Also very easy to clean! Customer service is great and very helpful!" - sjmvb22, 08/14/2023

"Absolutely love all the products I get from Green Mountain Mutts [now The Exceptional Dog Shop]. This leash was no exception. I was looking for a traffic leash for my medium-small dogs and everything was too short for me. I got the option with handles, but there is also a hands free option. Item came very fast and customer service was STELLAR!!!" - Jessi, 08/13/2023

"This is an excellent well-made leash belt, with heavy duty nylon and a metal buckle. It's also adjustable so it can fit a larger waisted dog walker, something that is hard to find. Feels very secure." - Donna, 07/24/2023

[leash backup strap] "Simple little thing to prevent a dog escaping if they manage to wiggle from the harness, its exactly as i expected and will do its job" - Jace, 07/10/2023

[heavy duty waist belt] "I have purchased several of these for my team, and they hold up amazingly to multiple large dogs. So glad I found them!" - Tasha, 07/06/2023

"This is our second [treat pouch] from Green Mountain! We just find these little baggies SO helpful when we're out walking our dog. It's made well and feels very sturdy, and the doggy bag holder plus treat bag is great. Thank you!" - Joanne, 06/15/2023

"I love this leash! I’d been looking for a leash to replace a similar one I have, but hadn’t been able to find exactly what I needed. The seller worked with me and answered all my questions before purchasing. Highly recommend!" - FennTheFox, 05/27/2023

"I was skeptical about walking dogs on a belt. It's a little too suburban for me. But walking two very inconsiderate pullers 5 miles a day means I need solutions, no matter how ridiculous they make me look. I'm glad I tried this. I still get pulled, but it's much less jarring on my waist than on my arm. And I didn't realize how hard it was to do things with one hand tied up until I got this and everything was suddenly way easier. The shop owner can customize this any way you like. The adjustment range is HUMONGOUS, so if you're thinking of adding an extra fixed ring (which will shrink the adjustment range), it's probably fine. I have way more range than I'll ever use." - curiousing, 05/27/2023

[leash coupler] "Really outstanding service from this shop. Prompt, genuine, and helpful. They're just human. I had grave concerns about putting a very energetic, 30-lb monster on one side of this and a timid, 11-lb lapdog on the other. I had been walking them on two leashes connected to one handle, but we walk 5 miles a day and the pulling was just unbearable. I thought this will either be disastrous or change my life. It changed my life. Now they pull more on each other than on me, and they're much more considerate to each other than to me (most of the time). So the pulling doesn't completely ruin my day, every day, anymore. As for quality, it's top. I expect everything I've bought from this shop to last for years. I now purchase leashes only here." - curiousing, 05/27/2023

"By the belt and get this bag - if you've purchased cheap hands free leashes before, you'll know they are thin and expand with barely a tug. This bag easily fits my iPhone 11 Pro and enough dog bags for a week's walk (three big dogs)" - Dan, 04/28/2023

"Amazing hands free leash belt - this is the first one that doesn't slide down or expand with tugging from my three dogs (65#, 75#, and 85#) all attached. The belt bag is a highly recommended and essential purchase to go with this belt! Convo with vendor gave great advice quickly." - Dan, 04/28/2023

"Great treat bag. Very well made and perfect size and poop bag dispenser works well. Best thing is it is made in the USA!" - Steven, 04/22/2023

"Great quality and made and shipped VERY quickly! Seller made a custom length adjustable leash for me and my Standard Poodle. This is the first leash to be EXACTLY what I needed!! Highly recommend!!!" - jessica, 04/07/2023

"Incredible belt for an old dog walker working with unruly muscle dogs :) thank you!!" - Erin, 03/31/2023

"I am very happy with these safety straps - this was my third purchase." - L, 03/31/2023

"Love these bungee lines for running! The handle has the *perfect* placement and is exactly what I was looking for over other canicross bungee lines. So happy they come in different lengths too! Got the 4' and 5' for running and hiking with my 20lb dog." - Izzie, 03/30/2023

"It survived the first walk with my two pulling lunatics, so we're off to an excellent start! Looks and feels as sturdy as the item description, and exactly what I was looking for." - speedycorgette, 03/26/2023

"Exceeded my expectations in quality, durability, strength. I am so happy with this product. Thank you!" - Amber, 03/20/2023

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