Dog walking pouch with waste bag dispenser shown in red with black lining on a light weight hands free leash belt.
Dog walking pouch with waste bag dispenser shown in red and shown in blue with a close-up of how the poop bag roll inserts into the bottom pocket of the pouch and the bags feed through a metal grommet to dispense.
Design your own dog walking bag by selecting one of five cotton canvas outer colors and select from eight ripstop nylon lining colors.
This dog walking pouch with waste bag dispenser can easily be cleaned by turning out the interior ripstop nylon. This bag is also machine washable.
Outer fabric colors for this dog walking bag are black, red, blue, purple or teal in a cotton canvas fabric.
The ripstop nylon dog walking pouch lining colors to select from are black, blue, red, purple, gray, or orange.
This dog walking bag with poop bag dispenser bottom can be worn on a hands free leash belt, an accessories belt, or by using a clip-on shoulder strap. All accessories are available separately in my shop.
The dog walking pouch with waste bag dispenser is shown here in blue with a blue lining, worn by using an accessories belt which is sold separately.
This dog treat pouch is shown in blue with a blue lining, connected to a clip-on shoulder strap worn cross body style, the strap is sold separately in my shop.
If you prefer to wear your treat pouch in a lower position than a belt allows, the dropped clips sold separately in my shop allow the bag to be worn closer to the thigh than the waist.

Dog Walking Pouch with Waste Bag Dispenser


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Don't forget your Accessory Belt or Shoulder Strap!

  • Machine Washable
  • Pick your Colors
  • Use for Treats or carry Waste


Our 2 in 1 Pouch is the perfect addition to your daily walks, training sessions, or even hiking adventures with your dog.

Holding over 2 cups of treats while closed, a cord slide ensures easy grip while opening and closing the bag. This bag can also be used to carry a small water bottle, dog toy, or almost anything else - including filled dog waste bags!

The added feature of a poop bag dispenser pocket in the bottom ensures you always have a bag on hand when nature calls.

Pick up two and use one for treats, the second one as a waste carry bag.

Design your own bag by selecting both your inner and outer colors!

Designed to be used on a hands free waist belt, this bag can also be clipped to a belt loop, bag, or leash handle by way of carabiner (not included). Or add an accessory belt or shoulder strap to your order instead!

Product Information

Handmade in our Colorado workshop out of 100% cotton canvas exterior fabric, our bags are sewn on an industrial machine with heavy bonded nylon thread and available in multiple fun colors.

The ripstop nylon lining is easy to turn out and clean in between training sessions.

Materials and components are purchased from domestic suppliers, which may be sourced from foreign or domestic manufacturers.

For a quick clean - dump the crumbs out and use a little bit of dish soap to hand wash the lining, air dry overnight.

This treat pouch can be fully hand or machine washed in cool water and air dried.

Please use non-scented laundry detergent when machine washing to prevent your pups treats from smelling like fragrances typically added to laundry detergents.

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